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Anders Kettisen hemmansägare. (*1932-02-19 - - +2002-06-15)
Former Cheif of health served in 30 years at Västerås, Österlens, Malmös, Göteborgs and Karlstads Medical district

Ullmas - Description and history

Ullmas is a small broken off piece from the mainfarm called Kettis. Kettis can be traced back as early as 1680, Kettis is placed in Månsta by, Älvdalen - Dalarna Sweden. Ullmas was builled in 1885 at Kettis, but was moved by horse and waggon to the place where it stands today in 1886 - 87. The technique was to mark every board and stone, load it to the waggon and move all the material and then to rebuilled the houses again. This was indeed a impressive work at the time.

Ullmas is a typical 1800 dalahouse with lumber on a stone ground. In 1887 Ullmas was the home of my grandfather and grandmother, "Anders Kettisen" and "Travar Margit Beronius" from Åsen and Näsets villages. Ullmas was used as a "Utgård" whitch meens that Ullmas was still a part of the main farm Kettis, but was builled at a place far from the main farm. Ullmas was used to live in all of the year* and is still used by me (* up to East/Winter in 2001/PK). Here is a two floor building and a 30 meter long economybuilding for live stock. This was for the time an impressive length and size of the stables. In the stables were also the living quaters of the servants called "piga" whom was taking care of the annimals existing of horses, goats and cows.

I bought Ullmas in 1988 and was at the time still in wery good condition. I have since then rebuilled and fixed both of the buildings to their status as of today. To look at the buildings, both inside and outside, please click at the links on both sides. Below is some data and short descriptions of the buildings.
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Left side

Tillbaka = Back
Före renovering = Before renovating
Under renovering = The actual work.
Efter renovering = The finished work.
In English = This page

Right side

Svalgången = The economy buildning.
Pigkammaren = The two room where the staff was living in.
Ullmas insida = Inside Ullmas
Vinterbilder = Winterpictures.

The Buildings.

Description: Outer: Timber. Windows: 2-glass window. Outside metallwork: painted tinn. Roof: Tegel. Stomme: Trä. Ground: Stones.
Heating: Electricity, open fireplace.
Ventilation: Self draft.
Water/Suar: Distributed by Älvdalen.
Misc details: Altan and farstukvist.
Other buildings: Outhouse(economybuilding) ca. 160 kvm in timber, part of the building is isolated for all year living. Electricity 220 Voltage AC.


STORSTUGA: Please use the links on both sides of this webpage. Toilet with shower WC and washing maschine/dryer. Rymlig farstukvist samt altan med fantastisk utsikt.

UPPER FLOOR: 1 bedroom and addic.

BASEMENT: Foodbasement for storing food.


Pantbrev: 245 000 sek
Prize: SOLD !.
Tax.value: 172 000 sek ( year 2001) as of 97 000 sek building.


Name: Älvdalen Månsta 28:2
Address: Månsta (5 km outside Älvdalen, Dalarna Sweden).
Ground: 1730 kvm.
Buildyear: 1840, renovated 1988 - 91.
Livingarea: 100 kvm (tax information).
Rooms:4 st, 1 bedroom in the mainbuilding, 1 bedroom in the economybuilding.
Kitchen - Stove (Electrical), woodstove and refidgerator.
Bathroom/WC - Shower (showercabin), WC and sink. Washingmaschine and dryer 220 V AC.

This pages was made by Pär "Pelle" Kettisen